Capella the nurturer of Zues

This goat artwork is inspired particularly by the Greek myths. It is life-sized and is about the typical size of a swiss goat. This artwork is reminiscent of Picasso's goat. Here the form is more geometric and reduced and is a reminder of cubism and also the concrete patina alludes to the brutalist movement.

The wolf and the goat are common motifs in the foundational mythologies and cosmologies throughout Eurasia and North America. Both wolf and goat have both nurtured powerful mythological heroes in their infancy. Both Romulus and Remus suckled from Lupa and Amalthea raised Zeus the king of the Gods in some traditions she was portrayed as a goat.

The totemic value of these creatures aided shamans to seek knowledge and transformed spiritual experiences into non-ordinary reality by identifying with the spirit of these creatures. These sculptures offer up a modern visceral urban folk myth. Craft is aided by technology to afford a new status by providing a new kind perceivable reality, the non-physical digital reality.

Title: Capella
Medium: 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Polyurethane Resin Coat Expanding Foam, Wood filler, Horns (3D printed PLA)..
Dimensions: H 720 MM / L 730 MM / W 125 MM
Date: 1/06/2013

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