Apollo Rising

The brother of Artemis

Apollo sometimes took on the form of the crow. In Greek myths, he is the brother of his twin sister Artemis. The crow in this artwork is abstract the elemnts of wings a beak and feet can still be recognised though far removed from a typical crow form it still retains its essence . The sculpture seems to possess great mass, yet it is delicately poised on points, as if at any moment it will takeoff.  The original shape starts from a regular polygon but has been vastly deformed. 3D sotware was used contributing to the displacement of points within ints form by using an inbuilt random algorithm that Tweaked variables until a suitable shape that satisfied the impression of a crow.

Title: Apollo Rising
Medium: 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Polyurethane Resin Coat.
Dimensions: H 516 MM / W 410 MM / D593
Date: 21/06/2014