Hex Silver

Hex Series

Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon and associated with silver. The metal patina pertains to silver and the cracked and disfigured surface relates the terrain of the moon.  Cyan Hues bleed from the side of this hanging to give it a coolness that it deserves as the moon is a watery element. It is also highly reflective emulating her brightness in the night sky. The surface form has an optical effect, making the squares pop in or out according to which way the viewer looks at the sculpture. Interestingly this illusory aspect can also be associated with the luna goddess.

Title: Hex Silver Luna
Medium: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Card, Acrylic paint, Silver leaf, Aluminium
Dimensions: W 65 cm H 59 cm D 7cm
Price: £2200
Date: 2018

£2200 Contact us to purchase

Mark & Paul Cummings
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