Video Installation

Title: Messiah
Medium: Video 

Dimensions: 16:9
Length: 2:58 seconds
Date: 2021

Be drawn into the hypnotic intensity of this film. Multiple portrayals of Jesus blip vert and strobe yet remain with continuity and evolution. This is the Messiah, an avatar in its multiplicity, a motif and ideology, summarised into one singular form. Messiah has been previewed in many countries and Spain gave us the best reception for this film.

This is a small section of a film we made called H.E.R.O. for the online film festival. We enjoy forays into digital online fine art and we have a long history as far back as 2000. Rather than about religion, this piece approaches ideas relating to iconography. It expresses a long-time span of history with very little changing aesthetic except for cultural nuances that have remained intact for nearly an epoch, dating back from early Gnosis to the present day.

The face morphs from a disc to the representational crossing from one universal symbol to the other as solar worship transforms into Christification. Power is imbued in these icons though the original meaning obfuscated by modern cultural beliefs and hijacked by religions. in essence it symbolises the individual representing humanity and the divinity of the sun and universality of time.
Mark & Paul Cummings
Fine Art, Video, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Performance

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