Oculus Magi

Video Installastion
These are some of my thoughts on the film Oculus Magi. It is a poetic allegory, the meaning hides in symbols and abstraction. The film starts with nature and humanity and the relationship between them is a moral conflict through a prism.  A backdrop of cosmic celestial events is also part of the vista. Transits and conjunctions indicate a moment of higher purpose. Seeking redemption through contemplation of abstract ideas

The word Oculus also means a rounded window or imagery on a vaulted ceiling. Metaphorically it is a window into one's self. The Cummings twins often perform with the Gongs in two different ways. One aspect is an art performance piece that involves video work and electronic audio improvisation.
The other is as equally important and is a healing meditation and a magical right performance. Both these practices come under the name of the ‘Mystery School of Sound’. Their inspiration comes from the ancient texts called Kybalion. It is a treatise on hermetic knowledge that lays out the seven principles of the universe.

Title: Oculus Magi
Medium: Video
Dimensions: 1080dp Lenght 5:39
Date: 01/11/2018

Editions: 1/20

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