Ram Colours

Colour Series

There were several Gods of ancient Egypt associated with the ram either having ram heads or only the horns. In particular, Re was a ram-headed deity surmounted by a sun disk.  Harmakhet was another depiction and he was also a variant of Horus. He had the form of a sphinx and the head of a ram. This was God of the dawn and the morning sun.

The spring equinox is a period when the hours of day equal the hours of night. Religious rituals are celebrated on sunrise of this day with the anticipation of the triumph of increasing days of light that are heralded by the month of Aries the Ram wherein the Sun is exalted.The symbol of the Ram is an inspiration because of what it stands for.

The vivid colours of these artworks are a reminder of the zest of the morning sun. They hold a place in contemporary art being bold angular and minimal. There is also a refinedness that only comes from delicate crafting and modelling.

Title: Ram Equinox Serie
Medium: Polyurethane Resin, Acrlyic Paint, Brass fitting
Dimensions: H 314 MM / W 350 MM / D 28
Date: 21/06/2017
Edition: 1/10 Each Colour

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Mark & Paul Cummings
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