Solar Fire

Video Installation

This is a voyage from the blazing external boundary of the sun into the counter space within. The sun represents both outer personality and inner soul, the true self. On entry, the fire will consume and purify the ego freeing it to cross right through into self-hood. The Gnostics always put the sun in the cross as the seat of the soul. Apart from the fiery tempest, the geometric visualisations in this art piece harmonic nature of the sun, hyper dynamics and its inner voice.

We are multimedia artists who create art films based on occult magic, esoteric philosophy, abstraction and surrealism. Our agenda is to inspire those around us and to elevate consciousness

Title: Solar Fire
Medium: Video 

Dimensions: 16:9
Length: 4:55 seconds
Date: 2019
Mark & Paul Cummings
Fine Art, Video, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Performance

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