Three Colours

Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is brightly painted in such a way to simulate a light surface. It consists of only three colours that are projections on it, but the mix of these lights creates many more hues on the undulating surface. The three primary colours shone on the work are red, green and blue. Yellow cyan and magenta are the secondary mix of colours.

It is interesting to note the multitude of hues that are created by just three initial colours. With all ancient literature, primary energies that come in threes are creative forces, these initial energies then divide further to create reality.

The light primaries are explicit in this concept as the entire range of the spectrum can be made from red, green and blue. This artwork is generated algorithmically by a computer that calculated real light physics. This is my attempt to bring simulation into real-world art object .

This artwork is perfect for a wall in a brightly lit situation amongst other colours or against a white wall where the colours can jump out.

Title: The Three Colours
Medium: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Paper,  Acrylic paint
Dimensions: H 500 MM / W 500 MM / D 160MM
Date: 01/ 10/2018 

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