Tools for healing

We provide an introduction and opening to our healing practices as well as imparting some knowledge about the seven hermetic universal principles. These are in direct correlation to the Kybalion Ancient Wisdom School teachings. We hope by these principles you can better understand the world and yourself.

We start by offering a guided meditation to relax you and put you into the perfect state to be receptive to the performance. We call this ‘letting go’ and we offer you to experience the present, just being and nothing else. We encourage you to self heal with a simple set of instructions and prepare you for your journey. The healing process will start with scanning the body and feeling for sensations discomforts and focusing on parts of your body you already know that need working on.

We ask you to put out healing intentions to yourself or for others. If you wish on setting an intention other than healing and rather expand on an aspect of your life in a positive direction this is also acceptable. The best rewards you will gain from a Gong bath will be from facing challenges you need to overcome whether emotionally psychologically spiritually.

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