What is it about?

A Gong performance
is the best way to
meditate through sound.

Enter a wonderful sound journey where you travel through your own inner landscape. A performance that puts you into a deep meditational state that will enable you to totally relax, de-stress and heal physically & mentally. Gongs provide the most immediate way to relax by inducing a wakeful dream.

Theta brainwaves occur most often just before sleep and waking but are also present in deep meditation. In this state, the external world diminishes, the senses withdraw to the inner self. This state is where archetypal imagery takes on a new focus. In this personal space, you can access and work on your shadow self, control unconscious habits and past traumas as well as any other dis-ease one needs to face and clear.

Mark & Paul Cummings
Fine Art, Video, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Performance

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