We are multidisciplinary artists deeply influenced by the realms of esotericism, mysticism, and the boundless imagination of science fiction. At the core of our creative mission lies the pursuit of transcendence—a pivotal element that fuels our artistic endeavors. Our collective aim is to unearth the subtle and the invisible, rendering them palpable and experiential. We accomplish this through a diverse array of mediums, frequently harnessing the power of digital technology to breathe life into our visions.

Our art thrives on experimentation and improvisation, traversing a rich tapestry of creative modes. These encompass the realms of imagery, sculpture, video, performance, and installation, where collaboration serves as the cornerstone for expanding upon each other's concepts. In addition, we channel our innovative spirit into the realm of experimental and improvised electronic music. Our performances are a voyage into atmospheric cinematic landscapes, deliberately crafted to elicit stimulation, meditation, and contemplation. Essentially, they encapsulate the essence of electronic psychedelia, summoning a spiritual, dream-like reality where disparate worlds and concepts converge in electrifying harmony.

Each of our improvised sets is a singular entity, a continuous evolution from its predecessor. It is driven by an inherent need to introduce fresh sounds and instruments with every iteration, resulting in a perpetual transformation. Live instruments and sound libraries undergo a metamorphic process through the alchemy of generative software and electronic hardware. Our current thematic exploration delves into the realm of natural, abstract sonics, ethereal drones, and synthetic procedural sounds, seamlessly woven into our sonic tapestry. These compositions often find their home within our captivating live performances, enriching the sensory experience for our audiences.


Our imagery relates to topics such as  the supernatural, theological symbolism, mythology, cosmology and natural forms. We montage mediums such as paint, photography, collage with digital illustration and photographic post-production. Our work looks very design based with an aesthetic akin to pop and contemporary culture .


Our current sculptural work include free-standing animal objects as well as crystalline structures that are hung on walls. We make them to appear that as if they have originated from computer games and solidified out of virtual reality looking very low poly, distilled, minimal, clean and vividly coloured. The works derive from brutalism and abstract minimalism. The animal forms are evocative of Greek myths and at the same time connected to Northern European shamanic totems and fables.

We have an interest in how computers can assist in the production of art. The wall hangings are procedurally generated from a randomised sequence of numbers that create geometric terrains, wave motions and crystal growth. The sculptures represent the elementals and deities and also heavenly bodies as planets, characterised by their textured surfaces and colours.


We have an interest in producing video art pieces. The 3D digital and video editing environment is our alchemical laboratory. Through experimentation, we montage illustrations, motion graphics, found photography and footage. Nature, celestial objects, sacred geometry are in the work. We layer these symbols and motifs to derive an archetypal language.

The films allude to auspicious astronomical events and supernatural phenomena. The play of light has an important role, emanating, refracting, reflecting and radiating. The notion of time is important to us, that is evident with speeding up and slowing down of videos and exploring loops and cycles. The works are both displayed standalone or complement the performances we do.

Live Acoustic

We are also regular music performers as well as visual artists. We have been playing mainly Symphonic Gongs since 2015. As performers, we work together to bring you a sonorous experience. These sessions encourage the participants to focus on well being and mindfulness. Breath-work and meditation is an essential part of the practice.

Designed to alter states of mind, the effect of these performances is immediate. Science has proven that these instruments induce Theta state brain wave patterns. This frequency corresponds to wakeful dreaming and deep relaxation. The virtue of two people playing the gongs allows for a binaural effect. This deepens the listeners consciousness experience that much further.

Our audience has described their experiences’ as:

  • Mystical 
  • Cosmic
  • Ethereal 
  • Unworldly
  • Dreamlike
  • Ancestral
  • Healing

Our performances have a deep connection to magical traditions and customs and our current project called. ‘The Mystery School of Sound’, is a meditational music piece. The instruments we play include an array of large symphonic gongs, Tibetan bowls, and the flute. The music score references the Hermetic treatise called the Kybalion. This ancient text is about intrinsic universal principles. The performance helps participants to relax and reflect upon themselves. There is also time to contemplate the greatness of the universe.

Live Electronic

We perform experimental and improvised electronic music. The sets have atmospheric cinematic themes and are designed to meditate too. In essence it pertains to electronic psychedelia. These pieces evoke a spiritual dream-like reality where different worlds and ideas collide with each other.

Each improvised set is unique and it is a continuous development from the previous performance. With a necessity to introduce new sounds and instruments every time it evolves and transmutes. Live instruments and sound banks are processed through generative software and electronic hardware. Our current theme uses natural and abstract sonics, drones and synthetic procedural sounds are also part of the score. Filtered chants and dialogue drift in and out of focus. These works are often incorporated into our live performances with the gong percussion.


We provide many workshops that encompass the visual arts and music. The art workshops include collage, sculpture and drawing. The sound workshops provide live music with a guided meditation focusing on well-being and mindfulness. The workshops provide a deeper understanding of what inspires us; we are exciting, informative and hands-on, we include all abilities and age groups with a broad range of classes to try out.

Making Art

Participants can engage both with technology and the subject of magic and are informed through a discussion about various technical and philosophical approaches to making artwork. We are also trained in the classical methods of life drawing by RA masters and can teach many methods of drawing and painting.

Music & Mindfulness

The music workshops focus on sound healing with gong and singing bowls. We provide useful life tools on breathing practice and on meditation to promote deep relaxation. Participants  can also learn about the history and making of Gong instruments, we also teach how to play them


We have a clear vision of the future and what we want to do with our art practice. We are looking for a synthesis that combines all our experiences up to date into one cohesive form. We believe the best way to deliver our philosophy is through live interactive performances and immersive installations. We will call these sonic temples of light.

We envision art galleries and other alternative spaces to projection-map onto surrounding architecture, fauna and sculptures. It will be a stage for a mystical landscape including animals and oversized crystals, geodes and totems. A transcendent space to expand the participants experience and consciousness.We want to provide;

  • Audience engagement:

      • Create play and interaction.
      • Make them feel a part of something bigger.
      • Bring benefit to the individual.
      • Bring benefit to local communities.
      • Encourage proactiveness.

  • Performances with a message:

      • Mindfulness,
      • Well being
      • Positivity
      • Magic & mysticism, esoteric philosophy.

  • Art installations:

      • Inform and Educate,
      • Learn through play

  • Educate through workshop:

      • Teach new skills in making playing  instruments
      • teach new skills in making art
      • Inspire inquiry

  • What message will we deliver:

      • Technology put to positive uses.
      • A caring attitude to ecology.
      • Creativity
      • Self empowerment
      • Self Healing
      • Ways to relax

  • What we need:

      • Projection mapping hardware and software.
      • Projectors.
      • Computer hardware.
      • Locations - Art galleries, venue spaces.
      • Marketing engine.
      • Materials & Installation budget.


We began in the East End a decade before the advent of Shoreditch becoming a digital hub. We were carving up our own space in the internet's wild west. We became renowned for producing online art even before social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram ever existed.

We were known as digital Punks working under the pseudonym of AZ2Lab. We made digital images, motion graphics, music, interactive art and installations. We featured as VJ's in many of the venues in the area. We rapidly became a household name within the digital art scene. Our work showcased around the world at events and exhibitions; countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain and South Korea. We were also widely published here in the Uk and abroad.

A little later in our careers, we still maintained the digital heritage but used it as a process for painting. In this period we produced large-scale hyperrealist landscapes. This work got accepted into the national shows such as Mostyn Contemporary amongst others. The shortlisted painting titled Roadside, came close to winning the prestigious Threadneedle Prize in 2010.

Nowadays, with growth and personal development, there is a change in our attitude and choice. We are more philosophical rather than social-political in our discourse. We are on a journey with our art, it is now inextricably linked with magic and mysticism.
Mark & Paul Cummings
Fine Art, Video, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Performance

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