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The workshops we provide give a deeper understanding of the topics that inspire us. We can help you with creating art in many mediums that are traditional like the old masters as well as using sophisticated technology. We will also engage you in philosophical approaches to making artwork. We also like to inform you how we are following a tradition where art and magic are closely linked.

You will be very excited in our workshops they are engaging, informative and very hands-on. Classes encompass sculpture, drawing, music, philosophy and meditation. We include all abilities and age groups. We are flexible enough to tailor a workshop to your needs.

Making Art
We have classical training in the methods of objective image making by Royal Academy masters. We can pass on many techniques we have learnt from them to help you become better at drawing and painting and sculpture.
Form, composition and aesthetics are ubiquitous in art. These are necessary skills we will help you develop. You will produce beautiful art in any mode or medium by having this knowledge. Specifically, we will teach you these art skills with drawing, collage and paper sculpture. There will be other types of creative workshops in the future that incorporate these ideas as we develop them.

Music and Mindfulness
If you have ever wondered how to make the mysterious sound that you hear in a gong performance, this is certainly a workshop for you. You will learn about these percussion instruments and how to play them as well as singing bowls. The music workshops also focus on the sound healing aspect of these instruments. The classes include breathing practice and meditation to promote deep relaxation. The meditation is a beneficial life long skill you can take away with you.


Draw like a master
Want to draw well? We provide drawing lessons from beginners to advanced students. You will learn how to draw a still life, landscape or a life model exactly how you see it. We are classically trained by the Royal College master drawers. We will pass on these amazing skills onto you.

Each lesson brakes down into step by step instructions that will be your essential tools to draw like a master. You will use pencils, pastels and charcoals and develop many techniques to produce bold and confident art work.

Here are some of the objectives in the classes.
  • How to look at the masters.
  • Materials, learn how to use pencils, pastels and charcoals.
  • Seeing and drawing.
  • Negative and positive shapes.
  • Horizontals and verticals.
  • Form, composition and structure.
  • Weights and motion.
  • Rhythm and pattern.
  • Light shadow and tone.

3D Paper Sculpture

Hands-on Paper Sculptures
Our studio practice involves using machines and digital technology to make art that result in sculptural forms. We welcome you to our workshop and show you how we do this. We have a selection of objects you can make into three-dimensional form. You can choose from the very simple to the dextrously challenging depending on your skill level. You learn about platonic solids such as the Dodecahedron and Icosahedron as well as others. We will show you how to construct these shapes step by step. With this method, you will learn how we create our intriguing sculptural objects for yourself.

2D Paper Collage

Collage and Magic symbols
If you ever wanted to learn why certain art looks just right and feels balanced in every way but was not sure why this is, then this is a workshop for you. You will be experimenting with geometric designs and typography where you will learn about colour, composition and form and produce your personalised magic symbols. You will be making a collage inspired by sacred geometry, tarot, crop circles and esoteric magic. We will guide you step by step to make your final piece to take home.

Gong Meditation Workshop

Relax, Meditate & Rejuvenate.
Come to an evening of a wonderful sound journey where you travel through your inner landscape. A performance that puts you into a deep meditational state where you can totally relax, de-stress and self-heal mentally & physically. We are gong performers who work together to bring you a sonorous experience. With the virtue of us, two people playing the gongs allows for a binaural experience, that deepens your conscious experience that much further.

The audience has described their experiences’ as Mystical, Cosmic, Ethereal, Unworldly, Dreamlike, Ancestral, Healing, Time travelling and Profound.

We also offer practical guidance and a short discussion on subjects such as self-healing through meditation, the power of vibration, sacred geometry and esoteric teachings. We also do our best to connect with lunar cycles and the seasons to provide efficacy to the gong performance as a ritual calendar.

Gong Workshop

Learn and Play
If you have ever wondered how to make the mysterious sounds that you hear in a gong performance, this is certainly a workshop for you. Come to our gong workshop where you can learn about and play these mysterious and powerful instruments. Get hands-on experience using mallets, flumes and wands and hear the astonishing variety of sounds that can be produced by a gong. Create cinematic percussion from rolling thunder, whale cries, angel voices and deep space cosmic drones.

In our class, we talk on topics covering vibration, planets and the cosmic octave. We also tell you about the construction and the history of the Gongs. We importantly show you how to meditate with the use of sound and how this can benefit you through deep relaxation. We also give a short performance where you can relax and enjoy a deep mental journey and hear how expressive and unworldly these instruments are.

Live Music & Performance

Music, Meditation & Philosophy
Get an insight into our philosophy and the reason why we call this project ‘The Mystery School of Sound’. Learn how we created our musical score and how we made it specifically with meditation in mind. We use several large symphonic Gongs to perform our music, including Tibetan singing bowls and the flute. Our composition is a creative response to the Hermetic treatise called the Kybalion.
This book has its origins in the mystery schools and explains the seven laws of the universe. These concepts are intrinsic to all known observable phenomena. Nothing in nature can exclude them.

1. Mentalism
All is consciousness everything originates from the mind. Essentially the universe is mental. Everything comes from one source. Everything physical originated from a mental state. Plant only positive mental seeds.

2. Correspondence
As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. There is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena between various planes.

3. Vibration
Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates. Everything is a varying rate of oscillation. Frequencies can vary from the infinitely long to the infinitesimally short. Each particular vibration creates new phenomena.

4. Polarity
Everything is dual; Everything polarises; Everything has its pair of opposites. Love and hate are emotions, just as hot and cold is merely temperature. We measure opposites as extremes only in varying degree.

5. Rhythm
Everything is in rhythm; Ebb and flow; Increase and decrease. Everything is in measured motion like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to another. Periodicity is cyclical such as the tides and seasons. We are born, live fruitfully and eventually die. We repeat the cycle of life, time and time again.

6. Cause and effect
Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause; Everything happens according to law’ Chance is but a name for law not recognised’. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law.

7. Gender
Everything has a gender, it is the rule for manifestation and generation. Gender exists on all planes of existences and male and female are always harmonious counterparts. Nothing would come into being without this law.

Rather than learn from the summary given above. It is much better to experience these principles for yourself. We go deeper to explaining this philosophy. It is also easier to grasp when you are in a meditational state.
We believe the quality of your life will improve by incorporating these occult maxims into your life. You can achieve this on every level from physical, mental and spiritual. Relaxation is a major benefit you will gain from our performances too. You will also have time to reflect and contemplate the greatness of the universe. Remember we are all one and a part of it.
Mark & Paul Cummings
Fine Art, Video, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Performance

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